Complete Baking Kit For Prepping, Sizing, Baking And Decorating, Perfectly Sized Canapés, Macarons, Profiteroles etc.

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  • With 3cm and 5cm sizing, the template takes the hard work and guess work out, allowing precise sized baking time after time. Popular for canapés and macarons where top and base need to be equal sized.
  • Silicone piping pen - ideal for cake or bun decorating and children baking with chocolate. Simply break chocolate pieces into the silicone ovenproof pot and gently melt in the oven or microwave, great decorating fun for all the family to use. Any leftovers can be stored in the fridge for later use. Easy clean and dishwasher safe.  
  • The 40 x 33cm baking mat is completely non stick and can be baked on hundreds of times. Simply sit the template on your baking tray with the baking mat on top, which you’ll be able to see through and pipe identical macaron shells etc. Slide the template out and place the tray with liner in the oven for perfect sized baking made easy. 
  • The baking mat does not need greasing before use, and wipes clean easily. It is designed for use in any oven 260c or microwave, is dishwasher proof and can be trimmed to size if required. 
  • The template has 3cm and 5cm dia sizes - for 24 macarons, canapés, profiteroles etc, is easy wipe clean.
  • Template with sizes -Not suitable for cooking on.

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