Our Best Silicone Baking Mat! (40cm x 30cm)

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  • This top notch baking mat is designed  to take the hard work out of the prep and bake of bread, scones, cookies, pizza, savouries etc time after time. It eliminates sticking, any need for parchment or flouring and bakes beautifully 
  • Ideal to roll out pastry and dough without the need for flour, sticks to worktops in use and doesn't slide around. 
  • Its silicone reinforced inner mesh structure distributes heat evenly for perfect baking either directly on the oven shelf or a baking tray. 
  • It allows you to enjoy perfect baking, made easy time after time.
  • Easy to store afterwards and doesn’t crease.
  • This superior quality baking mat can be used in ovens or microwave to 250 Deg C, is very easy to clean + Dishwasher Proof.
  • Supplied under our WellBake and Silicone Cuisine brands.  

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