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Deep Cake Dish 20cm (8 inch)

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  • A very popular size, designed to turn out perfectly presented baked Christmas Cakes, Fruit and Sponge Celebration Cakes, evenly baked Bread and Puddings.
  • Being straight sided makes this deep round WellBake dish ideal for perfectly presented fruit and sponge cakes including wedding / celebration cakes 
  • Its specially polished non stick silicone surface eliminates any need for lining papers, or the faff and waste that often goes with them.
  • WellBake Deep Cake dish can be used in the oven for baking to 260c or in the microwave and is freezer flexible to -40c.
  • It provides the benefit of being very easy to use and clean and is completely dishwasher safe. 
  • It also comes with a 10 Year Guarantee.
  • Size: 20cm diameter X 8cm (deep).

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