NoBurn® Lined Oven Mitts Pair Black/Red

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  • Available in Red or Black colour options
  • NoBurn non-slip silicone oven gloves with cotton lining for added comfort and heat protection.
  • Flame and stain resistant + completely water, steam + boiling fat proof.
  • Ultra-hygienic FDA approved, BPA free. Washing machine or easy wipe clean.
  • Ideal for handling roasts + chickens direct from oven to serving plate, BBQ's etc.
  • Length 30cm/12"
  • Width 18cm/7"


The NoBurn® range is an outstanding and professional product to aid you in the kitchen whilst you create your culinary masterpiece.

The NoBurn® Professional Double Oven Glove highlights the latest in design and safety to help you within the kitchen. Measuring at 17cm x 100cm approximately, it is constructed with quality and safety in design.

Sewn together with 100% heavy-duty cotton fabric and silicone this has designed a product with protection in mind.

The NoBurn® Professional Double Oven Glove also complies with BS6526 1988, guaranteeing safety within your very home, and creating reliability within a brand you can trust creating a safe and secure tool in carrying culinary delights

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