Food Cutting + Prepping Bundle.

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Everything you need for effortless food prepping. Bundle includes- 

1 x Heart shape chopping board, designed to fold for spill free tipping of food or leftovers into pans, food caddy etc. Size 36cm x 31cm. Dishwasher safe.

1 x Set of PreciseSlice Ceramic Knives with sheaths and a ceramic V peeler. Superior sharpness with hardness for longer life. Includes- 

3” Paring Knife. Ideal size for cutting everyday small items such as vegetables, fruit, salads.  

4”  Utility knife. A good size to quickly slice most vegetables, salads, fruit, fish, poultry.

5”  Universal  knife. Effortless cutting and slicing of everyday vegetables, fruit, salads, poultry, fish, boneless meats, bread. 

 1 x Ceramic V Peeler.  Effortless, speedy 2 way peeling of fruit and veg. Blade length 3cm. 

1 x Silicone  Garlic Peeler - The easy way to prepare raw garlic. Roll garlic cloves back and forth in the tube and see the clean fresh cloves comes out in seconds. Dishwasher Proof.