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Possibly The Most Useful Lid In Your Kitchen. 31cm Silicone Splash & Splatter Guard

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  • The daddy of them all- This is the original multi function silicone splatter guard, designed to eliminate the cleaning, hygiene and often storage issues of mesh guards.
  • Elegant, with lightweight silicone encapsulated rigid frame it measures 31cm diameter to easily cover most frying pans/woks etc and has 2 soft touch easy grip handles for good control. Its 160+ vent holes allow moisture to escape whilst it protects your cooker top or microwave from cooking mess 
  • Unlike metal splash guards, this wont rust or hold onto grease, wont wear out and is very easy to clean by hand and dishwasher safe.
  • Easier and more hygienic to store than greasy mesh guards, especially if long handled.
  • Being ultra hygienic food grade silicone this original WellBake splash and splatter guard is oven proof 220c, fully microwave safe and being vented perfect for baking crispy pizza, bread, heating rolls etc, And handy for placing hot bowls/plates on.
  • Used correctly, we don't know how to wear it out !
  • 10 Year Guarantee.

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