Silicone 6pce Cook and Seal Fresh Lid Set inc Rectangle Oven Tray Lid

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  • WellBake Silicone Seal Fresh Lids are multifunctional, eco friendly and valued utensils in any busy kitchen for cooking and sealing to eliminate clingfilm. 
  • Use as lids for cooking in the oven 220c, microwave for heating or steaming and pan lids. Easy fry eggs with a teaspoon of water, seal the pan and watch as the egg cooks in 2 minutes without the need for fat... and it tastes better. 
  • Simply tap centre to create airtight seal, lift from side to release.
  • Easy to use and clean, the lids are fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe.
  • This set includes the 5 most popular sizes + the Rectangle Lid:
    • 4"/10cm can and drinks lid to keep hot beverages piping hot and soft drinks / cocktails refreshingly cool, protected against flies, popular too for can leftovers, including pet food, beans, tuna etc.
    • 6”/15cm sealing lid is perfect to cover smaller bowls with leftover nibbles Useful for heating things up in the microwave and covering a one egg frying pan.
    • 8”/20cm  does the same job as the 6”, popular size for saucepans and preventing splatters in the microwave from heating up soup etc. 
    • 10”/25cm lid is a must have for keeping your Salads crisp and fresh. Nothing worse than a wilted salad while enjoying your BBQ. The airtight seal will provide freshness from fridge to table
    • 12"/30cm universal lid can be used on the hob to prevent splatters, in the oven to cover dishes and perfect for those summer BBQ's to keep your foods protected from insects. Very popular for steaming + healthy frying's much easier  with a sealing lid. Steak, chicken, fish, eggs etc cook both sides together much faster using their own natural juices, without the need for fat and being sealed helps prevent them drying out. 
    • 29 x 40cm Rectangle Oven lid Cooks up to 30% quicker and eliminates cooking splatter. Useful to add around 5mm of water to the pan when cooking sausages, fish chops etc and the lid will seal in the moisture, cooking that bit faster, stopping food drying out and absorb excess fat making cleaning easier afterwards.

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