Multi Purpose Round Cake + Cooking Liners.

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Imagine a high temp resistant cooking liner that’s completely non stick, oil resistant, lasts for years and dishwasher proof.

These liners are so easy and with endless uses, just takes the hard work out whatever you’re cooking  

They make cake tins instantly non stick for years and save the waste of parchment paper 

Perfect for baking bread or crispy base pizza that slides off after cooking without any mess   

Fit to frying pans so they're properly non stick and it’s much easier cleaning just the liner afterwards. 

Healthy cookings easy as no fat needed in pan whatever’s cooking. Crack eggs and watch them slide around on it. 

Oven 260c, Aga hob, microwave, dishwasher safe  

Washable and reusable, the liner can be used either side and protect pans from unwanted scratches and cooking stains  

Size 30cm round