4 Piece Cook Set For Halogen Ovens.

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  • Designed to fit all Halogen Ovens. Use for sweet and savouries baking without the need for added oil or fat. Use too in all ovens or microwave. Freezer flexible.
  • Includes 2 x 8" Round Universal Trays -One for savouries, fish, 2/3 chops, homemade pizza etc and one for cakes, flapjacks, flans, quiche etc. Deep Oblong tray ideal for 2/3 person cottage pie, lasagne, loaves etc.
  • 6 Hole Muffin size tray ideal for Yorkshire Puds (no need for fat), stuffing balls, other individual savouries + buns or muffins
  • Easy clean. Dishwasher safe. Rust free forever. Lightweight and compact. Store inside your Halogen Oven. 

  • This cook set is designed for use inside your Halogen oven. We do not supply Halogen ovens themselves. 

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