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NOBURN- Anti-Boil Over Lid + Free seal Fresh cap

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  • The clever NOBURN Anti- Spill Lid eliminates messy stove top boil overs forever.
  • Set a pan to boil and walk away without the worry of pasta, rice or potatoes ever boiling over. It's unique design means that as liquids get hotter they rise through the centre rather than outside and stay within the pan.This stops it boiling over And prevents the pan boiling dry. 
  • The lids open centre makes it much easier to stir or whisk without spatter and to safely add additional ingredients.
  • Being silicone the lid is adaptable to use on a wide range of  pan sizes, bowls, casserole dishes etc AND can be used on the hob, in the oven 220c and microwave.
  • It comes with a really useful FREE silicone seal fresh cap, normally £5 to fit over the centre. This retains heat in cooked ingredients for much longer, preserves freshness after cooling and keeps flies etc out.
  • After cooling any leftovers remain sealed and can be safely fridge stored using the same utensil.
  • What's more, using the Anti spill lid with cap ON makes it very easy to steam quickly and healthily in the microwave.
  • Easy clean and Dishwasher Safe. 
  • 10 Year Guarantee.
  • Dimensions: 29cm diameter, fits most pan sizes.
  • Supplied with full care and usage instructions.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!!


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