Roll Out, Prep + Bake Set.

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Includes Wellbake’s large silicone templated rolling mat  + Our best non stick silicone baking mat.

An ideal combo for prepping and baking pizza, pastry, dough and all forms of sugar-craft.

Rolling Mat Features- 

Non stick, so no need to flour the mat + Eliminates pastry or dough base drying out.

Large size 50 x 40 cm. Templates in inches and cm for easy sizing

Sits flat in use. Doesn’t slide around.

Easy wipe clean.

Folds or rolls up for easy storage.

Dimensions: 50cm x 40cm.               

Silicone Baking Mat Features-  

This top notch baking mat preps, bakes or reheats everything perfectly.  Cookies, biscuits, bread, scones, home made pizza, pies and savouries.

Premium quality reinforced non stick silicone, distributes heat evenly for perfect baking. Use  directly on the oven shelf or a baking tray.

Ovens 250c. Freezer flexible. 

Easy clean. Dishwasher Proof.

Supplied under WellBake and Silicone Cuisine brands.  

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See Video below.