NoBurn Lined Oven Mitt. Prevent oven burns forever.

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A NoBurn heavy duty oven mitt is designed to fully protect from hot ovens, be flexible for feel and grip and be machine washable.
It combines 3 essential features.
• A non slip and very heat resistant silicone outer, impervious to hot oil, water, fat and steam.
• A heat blocking inner lining that’s flexible and comfortable to wear.
• Is 9cm longer than traditional oven mitts for superior safety, fully  protecting the exposed back of hands, wrists, and lower arms, where most of us burn ourselves.  
• Easy wipe clean or washing machine.
• Slips on and off easily, fit either hand and simply prevents oven or bbq burns.
• Meets FDA, EN 388, EN407 high quality standards and provides outstanding  performance. 
• Length 38cm/ 15" Width 18cm.  Colour black.
• Sold individually.