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NoBurn Extra Long Lined Oven Mitts Pair - Black.

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Imagine using oven gloves that fully protect from hot ovens, are flexible for feel and grip AND machine washable.
NoBurn Long oven mitts combine 3 essential features for high performance oven gloves - Firstly a heat resistant silicone outer that's impervious to oil, water fat and steam. Secondly a flexible heat resistant inner lining for comfort and additional heat protection. Thirdly the gloves are made 9cm longer to protect the exposed back of your hand, wrist and lower arms.
  • A joy to use, the silicone outer provides excellent feel and grip when taking hot trays from the oven. 
  • Popular for AGA and other deep oven users. 
  • Simply wipe clean, run under the tap with soapy water or pop in washing machine.
  • Designed for use with a wide range of hand sizes, Noburn  oven mitts slip on easily and fit either hand.
  • Length 38cm/ 15" Width 18cm.      Satisfaction Guarantee. 

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