Baking Never Sticks Using This Silicone Tray with Rigid Frame - Large size 44 x 32 cm

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  • Imagine a baking tray that doesn’t stick, need oiling or lining, that turns out perfect baking time after time. 
  • Versatile with lightweight silicone encapsulated rigid frame.
  • Perfect results whether you’re baking bread, biscuits, scones or oven chips.
  • It doesn’t rust or deteriorate like traditional trays.
  • Easy clean. Dishwasher safe.
  • Oven temp 230deg C. 
  • Large size: 44cm x 32 cm.  
  • Ideal for family baking, catering, restaurant. 
  • Not for grill, roasting or BBQ. Please use WellBake Cooking Liners which are perfect for those applications.  
  • Please check your oven size before ordering. Tray measures 44cm x 32cm

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