Eliminate Clingfilm with Silicone 5pce Seal Fresh Lid Set: 12", 10", 8", 6" + 4"

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  • WellBake Silicone Seal Fresh Lids are multifunctional, ultra hygienic, eco friendly and useful every day in any kitchen.
  • They eliminate clingfilm and foil and the recycling issues of plastic
  • Are used on frying pans to cook healthier without the need for fat. Whether you're cooking steaks, chicken or frying eggs, they can all be done without fat using these silicone lids. 
  • Use as lids for cooking in the oven 220c, microwave for heating or steaming or on the hob as pan lids 
  • Lids will seal any round smooth surface, glass, metal, plastic, ceramic, pot. 
  • Easy to use and clean the lids are fridge, freezer and dishwasher safe.
  • Supplied with full care and use instructions
  • Built to last they’ve a 10 year guarantee. 

This set includes each of our round lids designed to fit most pans, bowls and dishes 
  • 4"/10cm. Ideal size for sealing  left over cans of tuna, pet food, beans etc. Used as drinks lid to keep hot beverages piping hot and soft drinks / cocktails refreshingly cool, protected against flies etc. 
  • 6”/15cm. Sealing lid covers a wide range of smaller bowls and pans. Cover crisps and snacks to keep them fresh. Heat up individual dishes in the microwave and for covering a one egg frying pan. 
  • 8”/20cm. A popular size, whether cooking to retain moisture and prevent food drying out, covering bowls to seal in freshness, microwave steaming or covering pans on the hob.
  • 10”/25cm. A good size for keeping al fresco salads crisp and fresh, the airtight seal provides freshness from fridge to table. Use for cooking, steaming etc the same as the other lids. 
  • 12"/30cm. This larger universal lid is popular on the hob to prevent splatters and the need for cooking fat, covering dishes and perfect for summer BBQ's keeping foods fresh and protected from insects.
  • Useful  for steaming + healthy frying's so much easier with a sealing lid. Steak, chicken, fish, eggs, veggies etc cook both sides together much faster using their own natural juices, without the need for fat and being sealed helps prevent them drying out. 
  • Keeps food fresh much longer, eliminates the need for cling film. 
  • Sizes: 12" (30cm) 10" (25.5cm) 8" (20cm) 6" (15cm)  4"(10cm). 




10 Year Guarantee

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