Summer Loving 8pc BBQ Kit.

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Our most popular bbq items together in one special bundle so every bbq’s a success.  

Large reusable completely non stick large 45 x 40cm bbq mat that’ll put nice stripes on your food, prevent any flare ups or food sticking, is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Afterwards simply roll up and pop back into the bbq until next time. Trim to size if required. 

1 Noburn long black silicone grill and bbq mitt to completely protect hand and arm area from heat and flame. Oil, fat, water and steam proof. Ultra hygienic, easy to wipe clean and washing m/c safe. Use either hand Length 38cm x 18 cm wide  

Probably the best tongs you’ll ever buy. Manufactured in stainless steel with 35cm long handles to protect you from the direct heat, silicone heat resistant tips to grip food and avoid scratching expensive pan coatings, lock shut mechanism, hanging loop, easy clean and dishwasher safe. A top notch utensil for indoor use as well.

Most folk love garlic for cooking on the bbq, so we’ve included our silicone garlic peeler in the bundle to make things easy. Simply roll the cloves inside it to peel.  No mess, lingering smells on fingers, easy clean and  dishwasher safe. It couldn’t be easier !

A set of 4x 4” silicone sealing lid covers to keep flies out of your guests wine or G&T glasses, they’re a nice touch for the occasion, dishwasher proof with 10 year guarantee. Use Indoors on leftover tins of tuna, pet food etc to keep fresh. 
The most popular size in our sealing lid range.