Big BBQ Bundle.

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Everything you need for a successful BBQ !
Our most popular bbq items in one special bundle. 

1 x Large reusable completely stick large 45 x 40cm bbq cooking mat. Avoids flare ups or food sticking.  Easy clean. Dishwasher safe. Afterwards simply roll up and pop back in the bbq until next time. Trim to size if required. 

1 x Noburn long black silicone oven, grill and bbq mitt. Fully protects hand and arms from heat and flare ups. Oil, fat, water and steam proof. Easy wipe clean + washing m/c safe. Use either hand.
Length 38cm x 18 cm wide  

1 x Silicone garlic peeler. Simply roll the cloves inside it to peel. No mess or  lingering smells on fingers. Dishwasher safe.

1 x 30 cm Silicone seal fresh lid. Ideal for covering salads, desserts, prepped or cooked food dishes. Creates an immediate vacuum airtight seal to keep food fresh. Eco friendly. Eliminates need for foil or clingfilm. Dishwasher safe.
Use 30cm sealing lid too for microwave steaming + healthy frying on the hob. Steak, chicken, fish, eggs, veggies etc cook healthier in their own natural juices without the need for fat and being sealed cook quicker and prevents them drying out. 

Set of 4 x 10cm silicone sealing lids to keep pests out of wine + G&T glasses. A classy touch for any occasion. Dishwasher proof. 10 year guarantee. Use Indoors on leftover tins of beans, tuna, pet food etc to keep fresh.