Probably the most useful kitchen lid. Silicone Splash Guard - 21cm. You’ll use this more than you think.

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  • A customer favourite, this silicone lid is completely multi-functional. It acts as a vented lid for use with most cooking appliances and has a silicone encapsulated rigid outer frame for stability and handling.
  • On 20-24 cm frying, wok and saucepans it eliminates splatter and reduces boil overs keeping hobs nice and clean. Easy to hand wipe clean after use and dishwasher safe it’s very kitchen friendly.
  • Being vented it’s great for microwave cooking. It eliminates heated up soup splashes etc, is great for steaming fish and veg and works too as a base to carry hot bowls after heating up food. 
  • Ovenproof 220c, it’s perfect for heating pasties, sausage rolls etc, and bakes lovely crispy pizza with the cheese staying within the frame instead of burning over the oven shelf. If you’re making your own, an 8” wrap makes a good base quickly and if you like baking cakes, it’s a very convenient way for dusting icing too.
  • Designed as a worktop protector too, it’s handy for putting hot bowl/plates on and unlike metal products, won’t rust, hold on to grease or wear out. Easily more hygienic and easy to clean, it stores away in next to no space and has a 10 year guarantee. 
  • Probably The Most Useful Lid in Your Kitchen. All in All this is a Great Product

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